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Why sell my commissions?​

While every agent's situation is unique, below is a list of common reasons why agents capitalize on their commission revenue. While recurring commissions can be great, there are times when other investments can and do provide better returns on your investment.

Reinvest in Business - Whether you are looking to grow your business, expand into a new product line, or grow your marketing presence, get a customized solution with LTC Advance.  Our commission specialist will customize a tailored plan based specifically on your individual lead costs, placement rates, and compensation schedule that will allow you to review your own ROI.  Let's get started!

Succession Planning - Are you retiring and looking to sell your agency?  What's your legacy going to be?  At LTC Advance we take a unique approach that lets agency owners like you get the most out of their agency.  Protecting your hard work, name recognition, and employees is top of mind.  Let's explore what options might best suit your needs.

Agency Acquisitions - Are you looking to grow by acquisition?  Believe it or not, there are circumstances where the sum of the parts might be greater than the whole.  Explore strategic alternatives to lending by utilizing the existing commission base to acquire outside entities with little to no capital contribution.

Exiting the Business - Moving on to a new and exciting career?  Turn your old commissions into cash today.  Use your existing business to help get you started.

Taxes - Got an IRS levy or pending tax bill?  Sell all or part of your renewals to help pay down taxes to avoid fees and penalties.

Mortgage or Debt - Utilize the upfront cash payment to pay down any debt or obligation.  No fees or strings attached.  100% of the purchase price is yours. The money is yours, spend it when and how you like.

Retirement - Considering retirement and estate planning for you and your spouse?  LTC Advance can help consolidate your commissions and give you the flexibility needed to ensure you and your family's wishes come true.

Tuition - Is your son, daughter, or grandchild heading off to college?  Many agents have utilized our services to help pay for tuition.

The list truly goes on and on.  If you are considering using your commission renewals, consult with one of our commission experts and let us walk you through the best option that fits your needs.  Contact us here!

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