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Agency Valuations

Agency principals and shareholders have a lot tools at their disposal.  Whether you are looking to sell your agency, dividend out shareholders, or raise capital, let the experts at LTC Advance lead the way.

Selling Your Agency
  • Agent Buyout - Often times your agents don't have the capital required to buy you out. LTC Advance focuses on custom solutions that get you the required capital while setting up your agents for success.

  • Outside Buyer - Is there a third party interested in merging with your firm, but can't come up with the financing?  This is the classic case where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.  Consider alternative structures and commission carve outs.  Contact our acquisition specialist to learn more.

  • Retiring - Rest assured, LTC Advance is here to help.  Our straight forward valuation process will help get you the most for your business.

Raise Capital
  • Dividends - Looking to take advantage of capital gains rates and dividend out principals? Consider pulling some of your commissions forward and take advantage of LTC Advance's commission purchase program.

  • Introduce New Product Line - With the always changing LTC landscape, now might be the time to launch into new products.  Our experts can help analyze your ROI and fund the transition.

  • Marketing / Key Man - Grow and expand your business by utilizing your commission renewals.  By selling part of your commission renewals and investing in new business (i.e. leads, marketing, agents), you can grow your bottom line.  Get a free quote and analysis today.


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