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A New Kind

Of Finance Company.

About Us


Founded on the true belief that agents and agencies need an alternative finance company that not only understands their product, but also values their product accurately, fairly, and honestly.  At LTC Advance, we pride ourselves on an unparalleled understanding of persistency and the inherent value in commission renewals.  

As much as commission valuations are our business, you the agents are our core business and main focal point.  Customer satisfaction and the ease of doing business has been our focus from the beginning.  By focusing on the needs of agents, we are able to customize solutions unlike banks and financial institutions. Your needs are unique, shouldn't the solutions be?​

Drawing on years of experience in the commission finance and commission purchase space, we have been a part of the solution for hundreds of insurance agents and agencies.  Please enjoy and read through our website.  If you still have questions or found we haven't addressed your specific need then please do reach out to us.

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